Fight Cyberstalking: You Don’t Have to Be a Victim Anymore!

Fight Cyberstalking Resources

Cyberstalking Victims Taking a Proactive Approach.

Report Cyberstalker

If you’re being harassed online by someone it’s important to track, save evidence, and report it to your local law enforcement agency if the problem escalates [Read more]

Get Emotional Support

It’s important to get emotional support. Don’t go through this alone. [Read more]

Social Media Safety

Tips for safer socializing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. [Read more]

Online Privacy Tips

Keep your personal information private online. Be in control over who sees what. Get tips on keeping your personal information more private online. [Read more]

Stop Haters From Leaving Negative Comments On Your Instagram! Yes, SHOW ME HOW >> Toolkit™

Download the Toolkit™ for FREE & stay proactive!  
You don't have to hide

If you're currently being excessively harassed online by one or more people across your social media accounts (e.g., Instagram) or on your own blog or website, you'll want to download our free Toolkit™ so that you can take action to help deter this type of negative activity online.

Simply print the Toolkit™ (in PDF format) to help you track, save, and report online harassment. You may also use the Toolkit™ Logs to help you keep track when submitting your information to your local law enforcement agency if the harassment escalates. Simply print and fill out the sheets securely at home. No need to submit your sensitive information online.

Download Toolkit


    Track harassment.

  • SAVE

    Save evidence.


    Report harassment.

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