Stop Haters From Leaving Negative Comments On Your Instagram



Stop Hater From Leaving Hate Comments
on Your IG

Learn how to STOP Haters From Leaving Negative Comments On Your Instagram

If you’re currently being cyberstalked, find yourself or online business attracting loads of random haters to your Instagram comments, take heart! Know that you CAN put a stop to all the hate comments. Firstly, know that you should be treated with respect even if someone doesn’t agree with you or like you and your photos. With that been said, know that you don’t have to set your Instagram feed to comments off if you don’t want to.

Instagram has recently rolled out a comment filter feature. This Instagram feature will put a STOP to all the hate comments if you find yourself, or online business a prime target for haters and random trolls. Relax in knowing all is going to be good, and even better. Peace is yours! We’ll show you how it can be done. Easy-peasy and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Step #1

Log into the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Step #2

Go to the user profile menu of Instagram by tapping on the user icon. See image above.

Step #3

Tap the settings icon.

Step #4

Scroll down to the “Comments” section. Tap on the “Comments” to adjust comment settings.

Step #5

1. Slide the “Hide Offensive Comments” to active.
2. Slide the “Enable Keywords Filters” to active.
3. Slide the “Use Default Keywords” to active.

Step #6

Finally, add keywords that the annoying haters leave on your Instagram comments separated by commas.


fake, faker, scam, scammer, scammers, liar, ugly, fat, hacker, hackers, gross, disgusting, rip off, criminal, loser, losers, fail, failure, fails,

Voila! Now your Instagram comments will all be positive! You have the power. 🙂