September 26, 2016

Report Cyberstalking Case

reportIt is imperative that you seek help from your local law enforcement agency if you are a victim of a cyberstalker. It is also important that you do not delete emails, chats, phone messages, and harassing private message board messages so that you can present this evidence to your local law enforcement agent. If you’re a cyberstalking victim download our free Fight Cyberstalking Toolkit (in PDF format) to help you track, save, and report online harassment.


Steps You Should Take If You Are a Victim of a Cyberstalker:

  • Save all evidence:


– print out any harassing emails (along with the full email header).

– print out and save any harassing instant messages and private messages.

– save any harassing text messages (don’t delete them).

– note dates and times of all harassment on paper.

– keep any harassing and threatening letters and make copies of the letters.

– keep any harassing and threatening voice-mail messages and phone numbers (don’t delete them).

– save and print out any harassing messages or defamatory messages about you on social networking sites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

– if applicable, write down & also bookmark the username and profile URL of person harassing you via social networking website(s).


  • Be proactive and take action by filing a report with your local law enforcement agent.
  • Talk to someone so you don’t go through this alone; seek support from a trusted friend, family member, or a professional counselor.


Download The Fight Cyberstalking Toolkit

Fight Cyberstalking Toolkit

Download the Fight Cyberstalking Toolkit for FREE & stay proactive!   Simply print and fill out the sheets
securely at home. No need to submit your sensitive information online.