How to Remove Your Information from Intelius People Search Site

Facebooktwitterpinterest is another popular people search website. Intelius gathers its information to its database from Public records. Intelius states, as a courtesy they will permit you to opt out your personal information from their website.

*Please note, the site also states that any time your identifying information changes in a public record or commercially accessible way that’s different from the exact record you opted out of, it may appear on their website again – in which case you will have to periodically check the website to see if your information reappears and you may have to opt out again.


Remove Your Information Online

To remove your information from its website online, simply fill out their online form by following this link

You will need to submit a form of identification. Intelius accepts any one of the following forms of identification

  1. Driver’s License
  2. U.S. Passport
  3. U.S. Military ID Card
  4. State Identification Card
  5. Employee Identification Card from a state Agency


You will also want to submit your email address so that you can receive confirmation when your information has been opted-out. recommends you set up one new email address dedicated just for removing public profiles from people search websites.


Remove Your Information via Fax or Postal Mail


If you don’t feel comfortable submitting your information online, you may choose to submit your opt out request to Intelius via fax or Postal mail. Please view the Intelius website for their current fax and Postal mail address via their privacy page here: