How to Remove Your Listing on

Facebooktwitterpinterest is an online people search engine which collects data via phone books, social networks, marketing surveys, real estate listings, and other public sources. If you’re listed in the White Pages, chances are you’ll most likely have a listing on as well. Although your full name, state, and the city you live in will be publicly displayed for all to see, for a visitor to view your full information they will need to obtain a full listing which is ONLY made available by purchase. Once a visitor has made a purchase on the site, they then may view your personal information, such as

  • Current phone number
  • Current address
  • Email address
  • Location history (which may display previous addresses)
  • Family background (which may list any related relatives)
  • Photos and social profiles

Removing your listing from the Spokeo website is pretty simple. To remove your listing, visit’s Privacy Page (via and scroll down to the “Removing Your Listing from Spokeo” heading. You will then need to make note of the URL of your Spokeo profile. Simply enter the profile URL, your email address, and the verification code on the Spokeo web form, and your listing should pretty much be deleted from the website within 24-48 hours.