October 5, 2016

Fight Cyberstalking Toolkit


FightCyberstalking.org Toolkit™

Download The FightCyberstalking.org Toolkit™


If you’re currently being excessively harassed online by one or more people across your social media accounts (e.g., Instagram) or on your own blog or website, you’ll want to download our FREE FightCyberstalking.org Toolkit™ so that you can take action to help deter this type of negative activity online.

Simply print the FightCyberstalking.org Toolkit™ (in PDF format) to help you track, save, and report online harassment. You may also use the FightCyberstalking.org Toolkit™ Logs to help you keep track when submitting your information to your local law enforcement agency if the harassment escalates. Simply print and fill out the sheets securely at home. No need to submit your sensitive information online.

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