September 26, 2016

Cyberstalking Victims Emotional Support


It is highly recommended that cyberstalking victims seek professional counseling and also gain support from family members and friends. Victims can experience isolation, trust issues, depression, and may even blame themselves for being cyberstalked. In addition to seeking support, it’s important victims be proactive and file a complaint with their local police department right away.

Signs you need to seek therapy (which FCS recommends anyway):

  • You are constantly paralyzed with fear and cannot perform day-to-day tasks without breaking down mentally.
  • You constantly talk about being a victim of a cyberstalker to random strangers.
  • You cannot enjoy your life as it once was before because you keep reliving being victimized.
  • You are unable to move on with your life because you’re afraid you will become a cyberstalking victim again.


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