Ban a Hater From Commenting On Your Blog Posts or Web Forms



Ban a Visitor From Your Website

Learn how to put a STOP to random online haters from commenting on your blog posts or Web forms.

Finally, put a STOP to random online haters from commenting on your blog posts or Web forms. In this article, you’ll learn how to ban a user’s IP address from accessing your blog, hobby website, or internet business on the Cpanel hosting platform.

This will stop the user from coming back to deliver hate messages on your site’s comment form, feedback forms, and Web forms. This method works well even for those who have a self-hosted WordPress blog or any type of Content Management System (CMS) software (e.g., Drupal or Joomla).

Banning a user from accessing your website is a cinch and takes less than 2 minutes in Cpanel. If you don’t deal with any part of the technical development of your website, tell your Web developer to ban the user’s IP address for you.

Follow These Easy Steps to Ban a User’s IP Address From Accessing Your Website Via Cpanel:

1. Take a screenshot of the harassing comment that the user sent you before blocking the user’s IP address. Please view the Toolkit for more information.

2. Log into your website’s Cpanel.


3. Scroll down to the section titled, Security.


4. Click on the link titled, IP Blocker.


5. Obtain the user’s IP address that you want to block from your website by accessing your Web analytics log or Web form administrator logs. For example, if someone left you a nasty comment on your WordPress blog you can view the user’s IP address in the comment section of your WordPress admin panel.

5. Next, enter the user’s IP address in the text field and click, Add.


lightTip: Own a self-hosted WordPress blog that’s not hosted on Cpanel? No problem! Check out the WordPress Plugin Directory and search “IP ban” to view plugins that you can utilize that will block a user’s IP address.