Automatically Filter & Block Harassing Comments From Reappearing On Your Facebook Page



Automatically Moderate & Block Certain
Comments From Reappearing On Your FB Page



Do you have a Facebook page that you use to share your passions and hobbies, or that you use for your online business? Are you always getting spam comments and repeatedly being harassed? Well take heart! There’s an easy comment filter feature in Facebook that allows you to add keywords to be filtered out and from ever appearing live in your comment section. So, for example, if you keep getting harassing comments and you are being continually called a scammer you can add to your keyword list scammer to put a stop the harassment. If a user attempts to call you a scammer again in the future it will not appear live on your Facebook page comments. Using this feature within Facebook will save you loads of time and energy from having to monitor your comments closely, and you’ll be less stressed out too! Our advice is bulk block the users and screenshot the harassing comments once a week. That way you can stay focused on your goals and the positive comments. 🙂

Follow these easy steps below to ensure that your Facebook page comments are positive and friendly and put a STOP to those the spammers and the cyberstalker!

Step 1

Login to your Facebook page. From your Facebook Page’s homepage click the “Settings” link in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Next, make sure your on the “General” section of your Facebook page.

Step 3

Next, scroll down to where it says “Page Moderation” and click “Edit.”

Step 4

Type in the empty box the keyword(s) followed by a comma that are used most often by the cyberstalker/cyberbully or spammers. A keyword can even be a full name. For example, Jane Doe, John Doe. That’s it! Feel free to keep adding to the list later down the road if you need to.

Here’s what Facebook says about blocking keywords on your Facebook page:

Blocking Keywords
To cut down on inappropriate content, you can add keywords you’d like to block from appearing on your Page. If one of these keywords is used in a post or comment, it will automatically be marked as spam. A Page admin can approve or delete the content. The limit is 10,000 characters. Source:

For More Information

For more information on blocking keywords, visit Facebook’s page on How can I proactively moderate content published by visitors on my Page?